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None of the Above

I'm not by nature a cynical person. But in politics, it's hard not to be. I have trouble believing that, given the usual quality of political candidates, people vote for anyone. I think most people vote against. "The whole pack is rotten," they think, "but I'll vote for the one that's least bad."

And the candidates are very, very bad.

Kerry lied to Congress about being in Cambodia, which wouldn't matter but for him making his military record the centerpiece of his campaign. Bush is spending money like it's going out of style, instead of addressing future government obligations. (Oops, that last one was a swipe at both parties.)

Recently, Bush annoyed me by approving federal disaster aid in response to Hurricane Charley. It's outrageous that people living in North Dakota should be forced to subsidize the residents of Florida. It only encourages people to live in more expensive areas. It's exactly like reliable government flood relief encouraging people to live on floodplains. This is what insurance is for. If you object that insurance is too expensive, maybe that's a hint that you should live somewhere else, where the real costs of living (i.e., including periodic rebuilding) are lower.

But my outrage is wasted, because Kerry would have done exactly the same thing.

I'm certain I won't be casting my vote "for" any Presidential candidate. (No, I'm definitely not voting for Badnarik.) Maybe there will be some interesting local candidates. Or maybe not — I've been gerrymandered out of Tom Cox's district.

Sigh. Two more months?

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