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A Poll for Republicans?

I like to read Hulk's Diary. I know, I know, I shouldn't be reading other peoples' diaries. But if you haven't seen it before, you should. READ NOW OR HULK SMASH!

Ahem. Arrr. That's better.

Hulk linked to Kevin's poll asking questions of people who vote Republican. I'm registered as a Libertarian (though I cringe a little every time I mention that; they can be worse than either major party sometimes) but historically I've voted for Republicans more often than I've voted for Democrats. So I'll answer his questions, even though he wasn't asking me.

1. So, you vote Republican. Why?

Democrats want to establish a socialist utopia today. Republicans want to do it a few years later. They're both going in the wrong direction but the Republicans are a little slower. That's the primary reason, on balance, why I've voted for them more often.

2. As a Republican voter, how has your life improved under Bush?

The most direct improvement has been the tax cuts. But it's been a very mixed bag; Bush also gave us steel tariffs and farm subsidies and provoked protectionist reactions from our trading partners.

3. Do you believe that Republican candidates care about you more than their special interests?

No way. They don't court my vote at all. And it costs them elections. Tom Cox, who is running for Oregon State Representative in district 29, spoiled the Oregon gubernatorial election a few years ago, tipping it to the Democrats.

4. If yes, tell me how they've shown this. By the way, fighting terror is not an answer. You probably weren't going to get blown up, anyway.

I answered "no", so I'll skip this. But I think it's wrong to declare fighting terror an invalid answer merely on the odds of personally dying. By that reasoning it's also invalid for any male (meaning you, Kevin) to vote based on abortion; see the next question…

5. Is the anti-abortion / pro-life argument something that may blind you to other issues? Be honest. (Seriously - I know it tints my perceptions when I hear a Democratic candidate go anti-abortion on me.)


6. What is the biggest issue that affects your family that's important in this election? How have the Republicans addressed it?

Taxes. By lowering them. My sister just bought a house and my parents aren't where they'd like to be on retirement savings. Having less of our money stolen every year is very, very helpful.

7. What is the biggest issue that affects your town that's important in this election? How have the Republicans addressed it?

I don't know.

8. Where do you live? (Just the state, please. I don't want to be accused of stalking people.)

Just outside (sigh) of Oregon House District 29.

Tiny Island