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Oregon Air Show 2004

Time for a little photoblogging. I went to the Oregon Air Show on Saturday and took a few pictures worth sharing.

Yaaay, air show!

Biplane ascending into the sky

For me, "attending" the air show is automatic. I live within easy walking distance of the airport. I've had jets buzzing my house for days, practicing. :)

The Blue Angels were performing, as well as trying to sell lots of merchandise. There was a postcard for sale that I didn't need to buy, because I got this photograph that looked almost like it:

Four of the Blue Angels

Blue Angels, flying in a linear formation

(Here's a higher quality image)

Although it's a little fuzzy, this is my favorite image:

Blue Angels Diamond with Flag

Blue Angels in a diamond formation, with American flag in foreground

I can post more, if there's interest.

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