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Hey Kyle, What's Happening?

I've barely blogged since I went on vacation. It's not just writing, even my blog reading is way down. I've still managed to collect a huge pile of links I've thought about commenting on, but at this rate I may never get around to it.

I have a lot of things to keep me busy right now both personally and professionally, so I don't have the time for blogging I wish I had. (And you should see what all the distraction has done to my bowling game — I'm awful now!) The silver lining in all this is that I've started practicing piano again after having stopped for several months.

I probably won't have any significant blog output until after the discussion group, which incidentally was rescheduled for the 24th. My essay on the subject is coming along well and it's sure to offend most people, so I'm pleased with it. Do stay tuned, even if you tune in less frequently…

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