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Ineligible for Vacation

I got a strange telemarketing call today.

It was for one of those promotional "free vacation packages" from a hotel chain. I was interested in the trip to Vegas. But then the telemarketer asked me a few questions, and it turns out I'm not eligible for this Fabulous Offer™!

He first asked me my age, and followed up by asking if I was single, and then if I was living alone. For some reason, I have to be over 40 to qualify for this trip if I'm single living alone, but if I were married or cohabitating I'd only have to be 25. No, it doesn't make sense to me either. If they're trying to filter for people with high incomes — because they're older or because they likely have a two-income household — their filter is bad. I'm young and single and yet my "household" has a high income. (Ever notice the lack of a tip jar around here?) They should have drooled at the chance to get me in their hotel.

Their screwy system aside, what this incident tells me is that there are even more financial incentives to escape singlehood than I previously realized. So, with that, are there any nearby nubile ladies who'd like to move in with me so I can go to Vegas? (You could go too, I guess.) Send in your applications right away! :)

What's that I hear? Crickets?

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