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Mystery Image

"What does that say to your soul?
Relaxation is what it says to mine."

Mystery image

I received the above audio and image this morning. It was sent to my e-mail from a friend with a cell phone.

What's the picture of? It's tiny and hard to see. I think, with the aid of heavy zoom, that it's a picture of this morning's sunrise on the Oregon coast with a lighthouse in the foreground. So it's a very sweet "wish you were here" message. (awwww……) But I'm very uncertain about this, so I welcome your guesses.

The audio was difficult, too. When I played it in Internet Explorer (using the interface on the words "say to your soul" were completely squelched out. When I downloaded the .wav file — which required looking at the web page source, because the link was done with javascript — I could play it back in Media Player and get the correct audio.

I don't mean to pooh-pooh exciting technology, but this one doesn't seem quite ready for prime-time.

UPDATE 2004-06-01 04:17:19 UTC: Somehow I posted a draft instead of final copy of this. Fixed a typo. I'll update this again when I talk to the sender and she tells me what the picture really is. And if I get any interesting guesses by e-mail, I'll post those too.

UPDATE 2004-06-02 04:38:57 UTC: The picture is of a sunset at the beach from some (uncertain) evening during last week. The object in the foreground is just a wooden post. It wasn't supposed to be the center of attention, despite being in the center of the image. :) The original image was significantly higher quality and it's unknown why the one I got was so tiny.

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