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Mea Culpa

I was supposed to say this a few days ago… but hi there, I'm going to be very busy for a few days and therefore won't be blogging.

I have a lot going on right now — personal reflection, rebuilding my shattered reputation, trying to endure the teasing and double standards with a sense of grace, a business trip, weighing a career opportunity, being sad about stock option expensing, stuff like that.

On the plus side, my experience last Friday has given me enough inspiration that I'm considering writing a new short story. It would have a "mature theme", though — it wouldn't be pirates and pizzas. I've thought of some psychologically hard-hitting dialogue, but I hesitate to start writing it because it would have too many similarities to real events and I worry somebody would get the wrong idea from it.

Since I'm sure everyone's curious, the median reaction to my little adventure last Friday was amazement that anyone would document such an experience in that level of detail. Here's a short FAQ:

Did you enjoy yourself or were you too busy taking notes?
I enjoyed myself immensely. I didn't take notes at the time — and in fact I forgot (or don't remember) a couple incidents, I learned Monday.
How can you analyze things like that while you're … like that? Shouldn't that part of your brain turn off?
I don't know. I'm surprised too. Maybe it doesn't turn off?
Are you going to do it again?
Yes. That was the agreement, and I take such things very seriously. :) But I need to figure out a way not to become so distracted afterwards trying to integrate the unintegrable. Hyper-reflective people like me need to be gentle with their mental health. (Maybe if I listen to a continuous loop of Doris Day that would help me be more accepting…)
Will you write about next time, too?
Tiny Island