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Hold 'Em

I've been watching the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel for quite a while, ever since a co-worker got me curious about the game. Tonight I finally played some Texas Hold 'Em. (I hadn't even played online before.) The group was 8 people, almost all from Intel, and I had only met two of the other players previously.

I had a lot of fun, and it was lucrative too! Buy-in was $20, and my cash-out was $44.50. There was no rake from the host. I had the best gain of the evening, though one other player was not far behind me. I got three straights over the course of the evening, which was very exciting.

The only unfortunate thing about the evening is that I was unable to bluff. I suspected, correctly, that my opponents were relatively inexperienced (look who's talking…) and would be very reluctant to fold. You can't bluff if your opponent won't fold!

Andrew B., I'm not ready to face you yet, but some day…

Tiny Island