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Riots at Veishea (again)

I graduated from Iowa State University. There's an annual student-run celebration there called Veishea that used to be — decades ago — an exhibition of good things about the university.

My evaluation of Veishea was set when a drunk passed out in the hallway near my dorm room. After that, I was happy to be out of town for Veishea weekend.

Several times in recent years, Veishea has ben marred by riots. People have tipped cars over, placed a couch in the street and set it on fire, that sort of thing. One year there was a homicide, and since then it has been a "dry" event. That didn't prevent riots from happening this year, though.

It's time for Veishea to end. When a tradition is better known for property damage than as a university showcase, it is a liability. The students don't care anymore. (I certainly didn't, when I was there — but I may be an unusual case, because I didn't enjoy much of my college experience anyway.)

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