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Men Are All Alike

The males have a bright orange circle on each cheek and polka dots beneath their feathers. The females are gray and dull, but that's because — as with humans — they don't need to do any persuading to get their male partners to screw them. You know men. All it takes is a couple beers and a midriff top. [source]


But seriously, I'm linking this because it quotes my sister and links to one of her websites:

Was I using the right food? Was the size of the birdbath appropriate? I sent a fretful email to Myra, the owner and operator of the, and my communique was apparently so singular in its detail, Myra answered, "Your finches are very lucky to have someone as dedicated to their care as you are. :)" She might as well have written, "Dude, you're freaking out. Chill."

Yes, she's as weird as I am (we blame our parents) but no, she doesn't have a blog. Awww… Arrr…

Tiny Island