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Sorry for the Light Posting...

I haven't been writing very frequently, lately. I've been unusually busy for the past week or so, but don't worry — lots of things are sitting atop my "to blog" pile.

Like what?

On the economics front, there are two things I plan to comment on. The first is a very good article about price discrimination which long-time readers will know I'm a vocal fan of. The linked article discusses the matter in language that actually sounds like economics — i.e. not enough pirate humor — but I'll fix that deficiency when I comment on it. (No griping about my poor use of prepositions here, I won't put up with it. I'll run ya through, arrr…)

The other is a speech given recently by Federal Reserve Governor Ben "printing press" Bernanke about the gold standard and the Great Depression. It's a pretty standard account of that period, meaning it makes gold the scapegoat for the government's errors. I haven't decided yet if I should answer it in a serious tone or whether it calls for lampooning. Does anyone else get the creepy feeling that Bernanke is being groomed as Greenspan's successor?

I've also been involved in a great e-mail discussion of rights that I plan to turn into a few blog articles at some point. The economics stuff will likely come first, though.

In non-blog-related activities, I've set up an OpenBSD computer that I might someday make into a web server so I can host my blog myself. In the meantime I'm just playing with it, which has been consuming plenty of time recently.

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