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Palestinian Death-Worship

Shocking! Outrageous!

Via the Volokh Conspiracy I learned about the the Palestinian Media Watch and a documentary they're created about the "education" of Palestinian children.

Palestinian children are taught to worship death by both religious leaders and by the Palestinian Authority. Take a few minutes, follow that link, and watch a few of the videos there. They have English subtitles, and some also have English narration.

The same fanatical hatred preached by the Palestinians also fuels al Qaeda. Israel and the United States share a common enemy in this evil ideology and culture. The difference between us is that the Israelis understand their enemy, while half of America is still struggling to ignore the truth.

Israeli Ambassador Daniel Ayalon was a guest on the Dennis Miller show tonight. He said this:

If they had the opportunity, they would take us down anytime, regardless of any action we do. They are after us not because of what we do but because of who we are. These people who do not believe in coexistence, these people who believe only in death, they have to be dealt with in a most uncompromising way. I think this is the right message to the Palestinians and to the international community.

Thank you for saying what my politicians will not.

Tiny Island