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How to Give a Performance Review

It's employee performance review season where I work (and it does seem to last for an entire season) and among the groaning and complaining about how terribly un-fun the process is, there's an occasional glimmer of sunshine.

Strike that, there's no sunshine. Great imagery, but it won't pass the horselaugh test for anyone familiar with NW Oregon winters. We've got overcast skies and both kinds of weather — rain and drizzle — booked solid until summer. No sunshine. Let's try this without metaphor: there's an occasional funny bit.

Peer feedback is an important part of performance review. My co-worker Loren provides an essentialized prototype for such feedback:

3 Strengths:
  1. Smart.
  2. Funny. Easy to work with.
  3. Nice dresser.
3 Improvements:
  1. Smart, but maybe too clever by half. Work on application. Learn more.
  2. Funny, but a smart ass.
  3. Nice dresser, but what's with the polka dot vest and purple hat band?

See, it's not so hard. :)

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