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Bob Colwell at Stanford

Via an article at The Inquirer I learned that ex-Intel architect Bob Colwell gave a talk at Stanford, which can be viewed online. This is very long, so don't watch it during business hours without your manager's approval. :)

There are numerous and (hopefully) obvious reasons why I oughtn't comment publicly on the content of his talk (DWL!) beyond saying that it's both entertaining and thought-provoking. Oh, and Andy Glew is in the audience, if you know who that is.

It's a neat experience to be listening to something on the web that contains intentionally dumbed-down and sanitized examples, and to know the details they're not sharing. There are a lot of things that I found very amusing, and other industry people should too.

This talk is mostly accessible to the layperson, with a fairly small amount of jargon that the Great Unwashed Masses will have to ignore. If you'd enjoy a glimpse into my world, grab a beverage, get comfy, and watch the presentation. (Okay, it's not exactly my world. I'm in validation, not architecture — they puts the bugs in, and I takes the bugs out.)

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