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Starting a Meme

Spooky. The February 2004 issue of Wired has not just one, but two articles about subjects that I've discussed in my essays.

Clearly I'm the trendsetter, and they're just imitating me. I'm flattered. :)

Lawrence Lessig writes about two obstacles to beneficial drug price discrimination. I don't agree with everything in that article, but I can't resist commenting on his statement that "[politicians] know that there won't be a rally on Capitol Hill in favor of price discrimination." That's a great idea. All it needs is someone to organize it. (Someone with more spare time than me, obviously.) I call dibs on the position of Chief Rabble-Rouser.

Daniel Pink writes about how globalization is affecting India. The article pays lip service to the economic issues involved, but doesn't go into them in any kind of depth. It's much more focused on the human angle of the story, or somesuch excuse. Still, it's an interesting read.

If you want the light stuff, read Wired… but if you want the heavy stuff, read Arbyte. Arrr!

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