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Mood and Mental Stimulation

I've been lethargic for the past few days. I haven't been in a productive mood despite having ample leisure time. Truth be told, I haven't felt like blogging very much. There's no need to worry — I understand this mood.

I've known since I was a college student that my attitude is strongly impacted by my environment. I need a lot of mental stimulation in order to stay happy. While I was working over the past few weeks, I had a tremendous burst of productivity because everyone else was on vacation and therefore couldn't bug me about anything. No interruptions! It was wonderful. I was positively giddy at work, and there are a few witnesses who can vouch for that.

So, what happened? I finished my task and for the first time in what seems like months, there's nothing urgent that requires my attention. For a week or two, I have the luxury of working on things that don't have looming deadlines. It's almost leisurely… but I crave excitement. This situation hurts my work productivity a little, but it hurts my mood and my leisure productivity a lot. I get lethargic and sometimes depressed, and then don't spend my leisure time on worthwhile things like blogging.

My prediction for the next week or so is that I won't be blogging very much, precisely because work will be less stressful. After this short lull, work will return to typically stressful conditions which should be measurable by a concomitant increase in blogging activity.

I frequently wonder if this personality quirk means that retirement will be very difficult for me. My hope is that by the time I approach retirement age medical technology will have advanced so far that I won't have any physical reason to retire. I'll just keep working. :)

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