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Many Mes

One of the silly but enjoyable things about my line of work is that there's more than one of me. They're not clones (oh that it were so!) but they do have approximately the same role as myself, each within a different group in the company. By my count there are at least five of me, all of whom I've been face-to-face with in the past month.

Two of me are in Oregon (I'm training a me), two more of me are in California (Folsom and Santa Clara), and today I met another me from Israel. I spent almost the whole day with him today, including about an hour's conversation after work. The great thing is that because another person was present, nobody thought I was crazy for talking to myself!

One of the many nifty things I learned is why his surname has an apostrophe in it. It comes from an Arabic character that doesn't have a clean correspondence to an English character. Fun, eh?

In the future there will be six of me. I'm not involved in training that one personally, but I'm reasonably confident that the steady rise in my population will one day enable me (us?) to Take Over the World! We'll do it just in time for someone to make it into a sappy after-school special about how important diversity is, because wouldn't it be boring if everyone was the same?

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