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Economics Elsewhere

I don't wish to alienate my core economics audience too much, so here are a few interesting tidbits worth linking to.

There's an excellent article about bank failures and deposit insurance over at the Mises Institute.

EconoPundit runs a simulation of the economy in an alternate universe where taxes were raised to prevent the deficit. I'm highly skeptical of the accuracy of econometric modeling, but it's fun to look at the pretty graphs even if you don't think they're very meaningful.

Steve Verdon takes issue with the fiscal proposals of Howard Dean and Wesley Clark. He also covers Dean's foreign policy comments from his interview on Hardball.

The only piece of news I feel like commenting on is that Bush has lifted the steel tariffs. It's about time! Next, he needs to reduce the tariffs on Canadian lumber and needs to roll back some of those agricultural subsidies. But I know that's just a fantasy, because Bush's idea of a good idea is to revive manned travel to the Moon, which is a radiation-blasted desolate wasteland, for no discernible reason. The only thing I like about Bush right now is his unwavering commitment to a real solution to terrorism.

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