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Updated Insider Trading Essay

I've posted an update at the end of my essay defending insider trading in response to a reader's question.

It appears that I have readers in Finland. Isn't the internet great? :)

Right now I have three topics to write about, pending time to write about them. I've been unusually busy every night this week, primarily because I just came back from vacation and I have a lot of things to catch up on, so the most likely outcome will be a pile of blog articles over the weekend instead of regular ones during the week. Sorry, but I blog in my spare time, and there's precious little of that at the moment.

After I left college I thought my days of "cramming" would be over … but today I crammed for my piano lessons, if you can believe it. Now I'm off to finish my anti-globalization readings for tomorrow's discussion group. Preparation is the key to demolishing hippie socialist nonsense. :)

Quote (paraphrase?) of the week: "We didn't design in that failure mechanism."

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