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Upcoming Essay on Drug Reimportation

I've been regularly watching the program Forbes on Fox for the past few months, after it came to my attention as an accidental search result on my DVR. I started watching because they discussed the oil markets, and I kept watching largely because frequent guest Victoria Murphy (a reporter at Forbes Magazine) is gorgeous. :)

Steve Forbes is also an occasional guest, and was on the Nov. 15th program. One of the topics was prescription drug reimportation. In response to the question, "Why are drugs so cheap in Canada?," this is what he said:

Very simple: The Canadians, the Japanese, the Europeans are freeloaders, moochers, welfare cheats. We put up the money to develop the drugs, they put in price controls, and they don't pay their fair share. What we should do with the U.S. government [is] make it very clear to those countries that if they want these drugs they pay their share of developing those drugs, instead of putting all the burden on the American people.

This subject has been rattling around in my brain for a few weeks now, but that statement was the trigger that motivated me to start studying the economics behind the issue. I plan to write an essay about it, hopefully to be published by Thursday. These things tend to consume me, so blogging will probably be light until then.

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