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Oh Those Melodious Notes

I can play Minuet in G on the piano, now! I'm so excited. :)

When I started trying to play it, it sounded incomprehensible. Even though I was hitting mostly the right notes, the rhythm was way off and I didn't know where I was going. Almost by accident I got two measures only slightly mangled and then I suddenly realized, "Hey, this is familiar — wait, I know this piece, I know how it's supposed to sound!"

Then I spent a half-hour playing it over and over, and now I can play it without needing to pause to wipe the blood off my ears. Yippie! (Arrrr!!)

I knew these hands had to be good for something besides caressing women typing, I mean typing. And clicking on the mouse.

UPDATE 2003-11-13 01:30:29 UTC: Before anyone gets carried away, I should mention that I'm only playing an excerpt, not the whole thing...

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