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Gobble Gobble

Have a lovely Thanksgiving, everyone. Enjoy your turkey. Give in to the dark side of the meat.

I haven't been in much of a writing mood since the weekend. I suspect writing the prescription drug essay, and also adapting it for a speech at Toastmasters, fulfilled my creative needs for a while.

I'll probably feel like blogging again in a couple days. There's no point trying to force myself to write if I'm not in the mood, so I'm going to catch up on some reading instead. (I'm reading Financial Reckoning Day, which so far hasn't provoked any strong reaction from me. If it does, maybe I'll do a book review.)

P.S. people sending e-mail, it's good to let me know exactly which article of mine you're writing about. Sometimes it's hard to tell, and I'd rather not guess. :) I made a note about this on the contact page too.

Tiny Island