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Evil in Palestine

I'd call this a Shocking! Outrageous! post, but those usually have some element of humor or farce. This has none.

I don't care to describe such evil on my own blog, but Conrad does it well.

It's disgusting stuff like that that convinces me beyond any shadow of doubt that the blame for the trouble in the middle east does not rest on the foreign policy of the United States. Why have their nations failed by every objective standard of comparison, despite being able to import advancements from the West? They've done it to themselves, through their own poisonously evil ideas and traditions, which they certainly didn't learn from us. We dont have those problems.

All sympathy I ever had for the Palestinians (in the abstract, as a group) has long since drained away. Israel has its own problems, but it's a beacon of moral righteousness when the two lay in contrast, and that's why I give Irsael my moral support in its struggle.

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