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Okay, Enough Vacation...

I'm done with vacation, I can't take it anymore.

Over the past few days I kept catching myself every couple hours thinking about pricing and trade issues. "No," I'd tell myself, "you're taking a few days off." Then I'd go back to reading or practicing the piano or anything else.

My formal piano lessons have ended for the time being, because my instructor decided to pursue other interests. (Really. That's not a euphemism.) I do have a referral to someone else, but I've decided to go it alone for the next month or so and learn some Christmas tunes on my own time. My first effort is to learn a simple version of (UPDATE 2003-11-29 17:28:51 UTC: Warning, MIDI music will play) Carol of the Bells, which "didn't look too hard" but nonetheless has given me quite a challenge. I can sorta-kinda-mostly play it now, and plan to have it solid in the next week or so. I do enjoy the tune, and particularly Metallica's rendition.

I got the film from my Halloween vacation developed. I'll be posting pictures and narrative from that in the Zany stuff section sometime over the next few weeks, but I don't consider it a priority unless I get lots of mail from people dying to see my costume. I'll also recycle my narrative about Halloween 2002 from the e-mail list I wrote to before I started blogging, so you'll get two years of bizarre Halloween antics at once! (In 2002 I dressed as a pirate, and in 2003 I dressed as a giant pizza, which will begin to make sense (heh) if you read my story in the zany stuff section — which proves that I'm insane, if you had merely suspected it before.)

Thanksgiving day was pleasant. I don't have any family in the Oregon area, but for the second year in a row one of my co-workers has invited me to dinner with his family… which I'm thankful for. (Geddit!?)

I should have mentioned in my last post that I was feeling fine and nothing was wrong and I'm not depressed due to the holiday. I had just been overworking myself and needed a break. I think three days is about all the break I'm capable of absorbing, so now it's back to normal for me.

A side advantage is that it gave my brain plenty of time to juggle around the issues related to pricing in the background. (The fact that it's kept bubbling to the surface has been nice because it reminds me that I'm still working on it.) I often find that it's mentally easier to tackle a complex subject if I get into it deeply, collect questions and suppositions and musings, and then cool off for a few days. When I then return to the subject, it takes much less mental effort to conclude.

I plan to use the weekend to write up something about pricing and price discrimination. If I finish it during the weekend, great — otherwise it will have to bend to my work schedule.

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