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Economics Quiz

Okay class, put away your notes and clear your desks of everything but a #2 pencil and an eraser. Today's quiz will identify the ideological source of many of your economic ideas. Each question has 4 possibilities, multiple-choice, one each from the Austrian, Chicago, Keynesian-Neoclassical, and Socialist schools of thought.

This is a surprisingly high-quality, academically-oriented test for something found on the web. :) Unfortunately there are certain key words in many of the responses of a political nature that "give away" their economic nature. I think it would have been more fun to leave those out...

I'm somewhat unhappy with question 3, which doesn't capture my position well.

The scoring system is designed to tell you how close you are to the Austrian School position. The only non-Austrian answer I gave was on question 22, and that was simply because the "Austrian" answer implied a scheme of competing governments, which is one of my (admittedly few) strong disagreements with mainstream libertarian philosophy. The same objection made me hesitate on question 10, but wasn't enough to push me over the edge in that case.

If you have the patience to go through the whole thing — it takes about an hour — I'd be interested in hearing your results. Even if you don't answer the questions, simply reading the alternatives provides good perspective on the differences between schools of economic thought! Check it out.

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