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Work in Progress

I've finally started on what will become an extremely lengthy article about globalization. It won't be finished until next weekend, and likely a few days after that. I don't think I'll post very much until it's done. People have been waiting for it (hi Paul!) for a long time.

Unfortunately, mere hours after I started working on the globalization article I found a tempting alternative to write about. SDB has written a pair of articles about the Tragedy of the Commons. I have some substantial disagreements with what he's said — you see, I'll gladly yield him foreign policy, but economics is my turf — but I don't know if I'll be in the mood to switch gears or not.

The globalization article is a huge effort for me, because it's forcing a lot of mental integration of topics that had been learned separately. I fear getting and losing the intellectual momentum.

UPDATE 2003-10-07 02:39:48 UTC: The Angry Economist has responded to SDB's articles. I've decided I won't; I'm going to play with my new laptop computer instead. :)

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