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Arrr! More Windows Bugs!

I'm a professional debugger. I know what kind of information people need to handle a bug report successfully. When I found a bug in Opera (#2), I reported it to the developers. That bug and two others also affected IE 6.0, but I don't know how to report a bug to Microsoft.

I wish I knew how, because I found a few more in the course of getting used to my laptop.

When I place the laptop into standby and then plug it in so it can begin recharging, it powers completely off. It recharges, but it completely loses the standby state. To work around this I need to reactivate the computer before plugging it in! Arrr! If I ever get me hook on the landlubber whose validation plan missed this, I'll hang 'em from the mizzenmast!

Somehow I managed to get the system into a state where the flyover help on the system tray was being displayed underneath the system tray. It became flyunder help, which is somewhat less useful.

I also learned that I have to do separate voice recognition training for Windows generally and for Office specifically. Why? The prompting about the need for training was so similar in each case that I thought it forgot about the training I already did. Isn't Windows is supposed to be easy and not confusing? The first time I did one of the longer training sessions, I accidentally clicked to start a second one, and hit Cancel to quit. It actually canceled the whole training session in its entirety and I had to start from scratch. Arrr!

There's a DVD Sentry program installed (by Dell) that alerts me when a DVD tries to install its own playback software, and gives me the option to use the Dell software instead of installing what's on the DVD. There ought to be a third option: "I already opened Windows Media Player, how about letting me use the program that's already open instead of the two wrong alternatives you present me with?"

How can I prevent Windows Messenger from harassing me every time I log on? I don't want it in my system tray.

It's no wonder people find computers confusing and intimidating, if they have to put up with this kind of nonsense. (Yes, I've been living in a cave for about the past decade, surviving on OS/2 and Linux. Somehow I never had trouble like this at work.)

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