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Progress on the Globalization Essay

I'm in the process of writing my globalization essay, which will be much much longer than any of my previous essays.

I wrote as soon as I got out of the shower Tuesday morning. (It made me late for work!) I came home over lunch and wrote some more. I've been writing for several hours this evening. I've canceled my piano lesson Wednesday night so I'll have more time to write. I'm going to write and write and write and get it published this weekend.

(I'm extremely picky about sentence structure and being very careful to pick words that minimize unintended interpretations, so it's extremely slow progress, but I think the quality is worth it. I just wish I could overcome the impulse to edit everything as soon as I write it.)

I think it's very unlikely that I'll post anything more to the blog until I finish this globalization essay. Even going to work feels like a distraction right now — I'm that immersed. I've written enough to know that it's going to be great.

The subject is regaining a sense of urgency for me because Intel's leaders are speaking out again (thanks Audrey), which makes the subject a topic of general conversation at work.

Incidentally, I note with warm approval that the box my laptop shipped in had a "Computer made in Malaysia" sticker on it. :) I'm doing most of the writing on my laptop. (PDF economics books look beautiful on that screen!)

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