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Daily Decaffeination

I'd like to inaugurate a tradition here at Cap'n Arbyte's. In an effort to help some of my friends avoid the need for caffeine in the morning, I'll try to post something Shocking! Outrageous! each morning to stoke their pulse, ire, and blood pressure. All in good humor, of course. (That means you should expect hyperbole, and not take such posts too seriously. Which isn't to say they'll be totally baseless.)

Here's the first edition.

There are many people opposed to the California recall who say that this recall should not happen and that the recall process is being abused. I predict that if (1) the recall is successful and (2) there is a subsequent movement supported by the new administration to repeal or reform the recall mechanism, the same people who are opposed to the recall today will be opposed to reforming it tomorrow.

If I'm right, I further predict that they will not recognize the hypocrisy involved.

In concrete terms, if a Republican wins in the recall, the same Democrats crying foul today will do the same tomorrow if the Republicans attempt to reform the recall process. Nevermind the fact that the Democrats think the recall process is being abused and needs to be fixed, they'll oppose fixing the system unless it's their boys doing the fixing.