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Prelude on Globalization

The Usurer e-mails this article from Tech Central Station with very interesting survey results about globalization — by those in the countries most affected by it. The bottom line is that people in poor countries are strong supporters of globalization.

Unfortunately, many people in rich countries aren't so supportive, and in fact have things so twisted around that they think protesting by shouting slogans and blocking traffic is a really neat idea. Half of them blame globalization for exploiting the poor by forcing them into sweatshops, the other half blame globalization for sending high-paying jobs overseas, and some unfortunate people believe both and don't sense the inherent contradiction.

Even before I started working on this blog I promised my co-workers a pro-globalization exposition. I'm working on it. Frankly, the topic is so large that I face a lot of mental inertia. I feel like I need to devote a weekend to it — a whole one, when I'm not working on Sunday. :) I hope to write a major portion of it this weekend, building up to it during the week by revisiting the topic of agricultural subsidies. Hopefully that will tide you over...