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Coming This Week

I've written an essay about information-related problems in the U.S. Social Security system. (That's not a helpful description, I know — just trust me, it's excellent.) I'm going to post it Wednesday night, after adapting it for a Toastmasters speech I'll be giving that day. (Dave, that means you should come to Toastmasters.)

Also on this week's calendar, Friday is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrr! That's a holiday the Cap'n can heartily approve of, me hearties! I'll be sporting some excellent pirate threads at work, and plan to answer my phone with, "Arrr! This is Kyle." I hope everyone's noticed by now that the ship in my logo is flying the Jolly Roger, and that it's set course for an island with golden treasure. (The spear-wielding pizza is a bit harder to explain.)

I realize I didn't get around to posting the piece about monopolies last week. I spent some time cleaning it up and getting it ready for posting, but just didn't finish. Soon...

Tiny Island