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Rep. David Wu on the Bailout

My "representative" in Congress, David Wu, voted against the bailout package on 9/29 but then voted for it on 10/3. He released statements explaining his actions on both votes and, shockingly, he cited the "sweeteners" added to the bill after it was originally rejected as the reason he changed his vote.

I now have a simple litmus test for the next election. If there is a difference in positions on the bailout among the candidates, I will support the one who voted against the bailout, or says they would have voted against the bailout. A candidate who pledges to introduce a bill to repeal the bailout automatically gets my vote.

I hope my local readers will join me in voting Rep. Wu out of office.

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1: Captain Arbyte
2008-10-05 03:43:32 UTC

Rep Ron Paul's remarks before the passing vote on the bailout: watch

2: Anonymous
2008-10-05 17:29:42 UTC


3: Captain Arbyte
2008-10-11 00:36:22 UTC

One of my senators, Gordon Smith, sent me a (form) letter in response to the message I sent urging a NO vote on the bailout.

He voted for it, and over half of his letter was devoted to the "sweeteners" in the legislation.

Senator Smith, you are also on my un-re-electable list.

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