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Treesonously Bad Pun

A couple days ago I was out hiking with a group from work, including our intern. In a spot with an amazing view deep into the forest, I asked her to take a picture because I thought it would be fun to send it to the rest of my team at work and have them guess how many trees are in the picture. To make things interesting I added that "the closest guess may win a potentially valuable prize!"

How many trees?

Tim knew exactly the right answer:

Tree thousand tree hundred dirty tree

Comments: 5

1: Male parental unit
2008-07-07 03:25:04 UTC

That was so funny I forgot to laugh

2: Jacque
2008-07-07 19:21:21 UTC

What was the prize?

3: Captain Arbyte
2008-07-09 01:29:42 UTC

I hedged carefully on the prize: they may win a potentially valuable prize. The "potentially valuable prize" phrase is an inside joke. I wasn't planning to actually offer a prize, but I liked Tim's answer so much that I gave him some candy I had in my cube that I was never going to eat anyway.

4: Anonymous
2008-07-09 03:31:42 UTC

Yawn. At least is was a bit original compared to the normal post that comes straight from the Mary Ruwart play book.

5: Captain Arbyte
2008-07-09 06:36:13 UTC

I had to look up who that is. Never heard of her before.

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