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Now, using ORS 153.058, Bryant — as a private citizen — has initiated violation proceedings against Officer Stensgaard. Bryant alleges Stensgaard was in violation of state statutes on illegal parking, illegal stopping, obeying parking restrictions on state highways, and illegal operation of an emergency vehicle or ambulance — the violations carry fines totaling $540.

Officer Stensgaard has received a Multnomah County summons to appear in traffic court on May 23. Meanwhile Bryant denies he is just stirring up trouble.

"Citizens should be concerned that he used his status as an officer of the law as justification for breaking the law," he says.

Thank you, Eric Bryant. Unlike my similar situation, Bryant was a lawyer and knew the proper way to proceed. All I got from my complaint was a phone call from an investigator at the police department who said he'd let me know the resolution by mail, then didn't.

Public servants cannot be allowed to abuse their position. Petty tyrants cannot be allowed to become powerful tyrants. (I automatically think of Eliot Spitzer.) "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

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