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Yeah, I vote. No, I don't want to hear any arguments about how I'm wasting my time. It's not that I disagree with those arguments, but that they miss the point. I vote because learning about the candidates and their platforms is an enjoyable exercise in comparative political philosophy.

And I like filling in those little ovals. The ballot instructions this year said to use pencil or blue ink pen… and I had to ransack my house to find an instrument to vote with. I discovered that I do not own any pencils and own only one blue pen. Plenty of black pens though, as Murphy would have it…

Representative in Congress, 1st District

Four candidates running, from each of the Constitution, Democrat, Libertarian, and Republican parties. I cannot stand the ultra-conservative Constitution party; their candidate is right off my list. In fact I won't mention them again. David Wu (D) is the incumbant and Oregon hasn't disintegrated under his watch, but his statement is a laundry list of pork promises and programs I oppose. Derrick Kitts (R) is running for Congress after having been a State Representative, and his statement is even worse than Wu's — it's totally vacuous! He doesn't provide a platform at all. No reason to vote for him except his smiling face and a few endorsements, which aren't reasons at all.

I have to vote against those guys, so I'll be making my ballot for Drake Davis (L).


In this race I also have a candidate from the Pacific Green party to ignore. The incumbant Ted Kulongoski (D) says he'll increase public school funding and provide public healthcare to over a hundred thousand people. I smell a tax increase. Thanks for cutting the 250,000 pages of regulations, but I can't vote for you. I'm actually torn between Richard Morley (L) and Ron Saxton (R) based on their statements, so I looked at each's website (Morley, Saxton) Saxton has provided much more in the way of specific information and proposals, and they're mostly reasonable, so I'm going to break party and vote for Ron Saxton (R). (And given that I'd be roughly equally satisfied with either, it makes more sense to support the major-party candidate.)

State Senator, 15th District

There are no minor party candidates in this race. I'm voting against John Napolitano (D) because he says he wants to "have the health care industry justify rate increases". No, I think the health care and insurance industries have been overrun by politicians far too much already. I'm marking my ballot Bruce Starr (R) whose primary attraction is that he's not John Napolitano.

State Representative, 30th District

It's been difficult to ignore this race (oh how I tried…) because although I avoid local media, they still get me with direct mail. I dislike both candidates. But I dislike David Edwards (D) more, because he would "[r]equire big insurance companies to get Insurance Commissioner approval before they raise our rates; also, expand the Oregon Prescription Drug Program to all Oregonians". In symbolic defense of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, I'm marking my ballot for Everett Curry (R) as the lesser of two evils.

The tendancy of Democrats to advocate public health care is very annoying. This more than anything else pushes me away from them. If they want to earn votes from the libertarian-leaning portion of the electorate, they need to stop being such overt socialists.

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