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Good for Napster

Dave sent me this link about the possibility of a law forcing Apple to make iTunes media compatible with Microsoft media players. He suggested it as an item for my Shocking! Outrageous! file. But I've already written one of those today, so instead I'll look at the silver lining.

William Pence, the Napster CTO, said this during a Congressional committee hearing:

"Napster believes that allowing the iPod to work with multiple service offerings would benefit consumers. Nevertheless, I do not see government intervention as the solution, as it would stifle competition and innovation that will benefit consumers and copyright owners at a very early stage of the market's development," he told the subcommittee. "It does not seem prudent for government to pick a winner in the continuing… marketplace battle between Apple's FairPlay DRM and its competitors."

Thank you, and good for you! It's refreshing to hear a business leader stand on principle.

Hissing and displeasure at the circumstances, of course.

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