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Business Opportunity

In my immediately previous post I mentioned entrepreneurial drive as one of the necessary preconditions for capitalism to thrive. I hesitated when I wrote that, thinking it sounded too vague.

Entrepreneurial drive is that psychological thing that enables people to identify other peoples' needs, think of a way to profit by satisfying them, and to take the risks of lost time and money on the chance that they'll be successful. It's an amazing act to start a small business, putting one's own savings at risk while simultaneously abandoning the steady income that can be made by working for someone else. I have an automatic and profound respect for people with the courage to do this.

Oregon's unemployment rate is 8.0%, significantly above the national average of 6.1% and one of the highest in the nation.

Without discussing the many ways government stifles entrepreneurial activity (licensing, permits, inspections, insurance, minimum wages, taxes, required health coverage, etc.), what Oregon needs is more entrepreneurs. There is no limit to human desires, but the labor available to satisfy them is limited. Entrepreneurs are the individuals most responsible for the benefits of capitalism. They're the people who help me satisfy my desires.

One of my unsatisfied desires is for a more functional garage. I'm ready to buy, indeed it's difficult to keep the money from falling out of my pocket, but unfortunately GarageTek doesn't have any franchisees in Oregon. This looks like a plausible small (4-person) business to start.

Entrepreneurs, take note!